Meet us at following fairs in 2015

Event Partner Location Date
DOMOTEX Flooring Fair 2015 TISCA Hannover, Germany 17 - 20 January 2015
BAU: World's Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials, Systems TISCA Munich, Germany 19 - 24 January 2015
KLIMAHOUSE 2015 CASACLIMA Bolzano, Italy 29 January - 1 February 2015
BEL ÉTAGE TISCA Salzburg, Austria 1 - 2 February 2015
HEIMTEX SUISSE TISCA Bern, Switzerland 8 - 10 February
NETTO Messe TISCA Balsthal, Switzerland 4 - 5 March 2015
GIARDINA TISCA Zürich, Switzerland 4 - 5 March 2015
KLIMAHOUSE TOSCANA 2015 CASACLIMA Firenze, Italy 17 - 19 April 2015
Frankfurt am Main, Germany 4 - 7 May 2015
architect@work TISCA Zürich, Switzerland 6 - 7 May 2015
FSB Internat. Fair for Sport carpets, Indoor / Outdoor Surfaces TISCA Cologne,Germany 27 - 30 October 2015
KLIMAHOUSE SICILIA 2015 CASACLIMA Catania,Italy October 2015
Renovate Europe REDay 2015 MAXI, TISCA Brussels, Belgium October 2015
BATIMAT TISCA Paris Nord Villepinte France 2 - 6 November 2015
DOMOTEX Flooring Fair 2016 TISCA Hannover, Germany 16 – 19 January 2016
KLIMAHOUSE 2016 CASACLIMA Bozen, Italy 28 - 31 January 2016
HEIMTEX SUISSE TISCA Bern, Switzerland 8 – 10 February
Renovate Europe REDay 2016 MAXI, TISCA Brussels, Belgium October 2016
BAU World's Leading Trade Fair for Architecture, Materials, Systems TISCA Munich, Germany 19 – 24 January 2017
TECHTEXTIL 2017 R-STAT, MAXI, TITV Frankfurt am Main, Germany 9-12 May 2017

TISCA TIARA at DOMOTEXT 2015, Hannover, GERMANY | 16 - 19 JAN 2015

DOMOTEX is the large international exhibition on carpets and flooring. 2015 edition accounted with 1316 exhibitors who were visited by some 38,000 visitors from 96 nationalities. This exhibition shows the latest developments in technology, materials and designs of carpets and international customers inform themselves of new trends and carpet collections.

TISCA TIARA placed RADCARPET display prominently on their stand creating high interest in the concept among established customers as well as visitors.

left: Picture 4 TISCA sales manager explaining the differences with a conventional non-woven; right: RADCARPET display at TISCA TIARA booth.

CASACLIMA at KLIMAHOUSE 2015, Bolzano, ITALY | 29 JAN – 01 FEB 2015

The 10th annual International Klimahouse Exhibition, organized by the Fiera Bolzano and the CasaClima Agency, showcased the newest advances in sustainable living and invites participants “to construct intelligently”. Nearly 400 companies will present their ideas and latest technologies to 40,000 architects, designers, builders, research centers and universities at the Fiera Bolzano/Messe Bozen.
The event’s wining formula is a calibrated mix of exhibition space, dedicated to new products offered by a selection of companies operating in the sector chosen by jury, and articulated programs of training events and information organised by top-level partners. There are specialised conventions organised in collaboration with authoritative partners such as Tis Innovation Park, Eurac, Anit, Apa and Anab, photography exhibitions on the most efficient CasaClima buildings, live demonstrations of building errors to be avoided, guided tours of CasaClima buildings for technicians and end users and prizes for the most innovative businesses in the sector in terms of sustainability.

On Sunday 29th January 2015, Mr. Uwe Staffler took part with a presentation of RADCARPET project, in the KLIMAHAUS MINIFORUM held by Agenzia CASACLIMA in their stand (A04/30) in KLIMAHOUSE 2015.


One-page article about RADCARPET Project in the first 2015 number of KLIMAHAUS CASACLIMA magazine, which was release and distributed with occasion of the 10th KLIMAHOUSE edition.


TEXT IN ENGLISH: Two years ago CASACLIMA Agency was offered to participate in an EU project, which aims to develop a carpet which generated heat by simple induction. The name RADCARPET stands for "radiant heating Wall to Wall carpet". To this end, a consortium of two research institutes, three medium-sized companies and the CASACLIMA Agency was established, which has been granted from the European Commission FP7 research and innovation programme. The German Institute for special textiles and flexible materials TITV and Spanish Tecnologias Avanzadas Inspiralia have thereby develop innovative textiles, which generate a lot of heat with little electricity, thanks to the obtaining of the best materials and the best conductive fibers with a proper electrical. Security risks and production risks are low enough to achieve a satisfactory market potential of at least 100 million euros. This part of the project is now well advanced and achieved positive results, which were in some cases even better than the specifications. The consortium has not disclose to the public technical details as this is a very sensitive information, so this will be done after completion of all patent legal action. The medium-sized companies are now busy at work. The French fiber experts of R-stat hereby produce the fibers, which are processed by the German Maxitex Gmbh in a nonwoven fabric. Finally, a Swiss company TISCA, produced the finished carpet, with all its components. The CASACLIMA Agency will eventually take care of examining the first prototypes for everyday use and to disseminate information on the product at the appropriate time. At the current point of view, the new product could be used especially for building renovation and for highly efficient new buildings, which have only a low heating demand. For the same reason it could also be for warm climates such as the Mediterranean area. This project would not be possible without the support of the European Union, that under the now expired 7th Framework Program for Research and Development, the Commission wanted to encourage cooperation between European operators in order to promote the competitiveness of the European economy and promote its core issues such as climate change and energy efficiency. If the signs do not deceive, which was also confirmed by the mid-term control of the Commission a few months ago, this project could bring in over the next year an extremely innovative and energy-efficient product on the market. For CASACLIMA Agency it is an exciting task, to contribute to success, and points to a direction in which they will be involved increasingly in the future.

R-STAT at TECHTERA workshops, Lyon, France | 2014/2015

Established in 2005, Techtera is the most prominent cluster for the technical textile industry in the Rhône-Alpes region, leader in France with 18% of the European production and 70% of turnover of France’s technical textile industry. Since its creation, Techtera has recruited about 220 members, for a total of more than 350 business and production units specialized in technical textiles. TECHTERA raises strategic questions addressing major technical and economical issues of the technical textile industry. The cluster assists collaborative research proposals resulting from this questioning process, up to trial phase and products prototyping. TECHTERA connects manufacturers, technical centers and research centers with the purpose to revitalize the links between companies from the textile sector and to offer an access to new markets, especially abroad through European projects and internationalization. The TECHTERA team uses an important network of skills, competences and persons, outside of its sector.

On 7th October 2014 R.STAT exchanged mutual experiences during a Techtera meeting on EU projects and explained RADCARPET objectives.

On 07th July 2015, R.STAT attended a TECHTERA workshop on “electromagnetism and textile” where other SMEs, research and development centers and laboratories were involved. There, R.STAT highlighted its participation in an EU project and its role in this project, explaining RADCARPET’s main objectives and goals. It is foreseen to continue collaboration with this working group in order to promote new corrosion coated SilveR.STAT fibres and their applications for electromagnetic shielding.

TISCA at HEIMTEXSUISSSE, Bern, Switzerland | 8 - 10 FEB 2015

The RADCARPET features were prominently displayed on the Tisca Tiara booth, which generated lively interest from numerous visitors. Our Technology specialists explained in detail the functions to Interior architects, Flooring specialists and Decoration consultants.


R-STAT, MAXI & TITV at TECHTEXTIL, Frankfurt, Germany | 04 - 07 MAY 2015

Around 42,000 visitors from 116 countries made their way to Frankfurt am Main to see the world’s biggest spectrum of materials, processes and technologies for the entire textile value chain during the four days of the two leading international trade fairs. Altogether, 1662 exhibitors from 54 countries (2013: 1660 exhibitors from 56 countries) presented their new technical textiles, nonwovens and processing technologies for textile and flexible materials. Techtextil displays the entire textile value creation chain in four exhibition halls. Visitors and exhibitors benefit from all the latest information and a clearly organized structure, where 11 product groups were present at 2015’s edition:
  • Research, development, planning and consultancy
  • Technology, processes and accessories
  • Fibers and yarns
  • Wovens, scrims, braids and knitted fabrics
  • Nonwovens
  • Coated textiles
  • Composites
  • Bondtec (surface and bonding techniques)
  • Functional apparel textiles
  • Trade associations
  • Publishers
All those partners covers the following application areas
  • Agrotech
  • Buildtech
  • Hometech
  • Indutech
  • Oekotech
  • Packtech
  • Clothtech
  • Geotech
  • Medtech
  • Mobiltech
  • Protech
  • Sporttech

On 7th October 2014 R.STAT exchanged mutual experiences during a Techtera meeting on EU projects and explained RADCARPET objectives.

TITV, our scientific partner in the project had a booth at the Techtextil and offered MAXI to exhibit together with them during the 4 days lasting exhibition. The participation of MaxiTex GmbH in the FP7/SME project has been highlighted during the show by means of a “prototype” of RADCARPET installed at the booth incapsulating the heatable nonwoven as well as a special poster describing the European project with all collaborating partners.

left: Partners TITV and MAXI in TITV’s booth at TECHTEX 2015; right: RADCARPET prototype and explanation at TITIV’s booth

R.STAT was present thanks to a booth on the French pavilion, Hall 4.1, Booth J18, where their participation in RADCARPET FP7/SME project was highlighted during the show thanks to posters and DEMO material. For R.STAT, this activity allowed them to show their customers and prospects that they have the ability to collaborate to complex technical and scientific projects.

RADCARPET prototype at R-Stat booth

The preliminary results of RADCARPET project have been presented by Philippe Sannejan and Pascal Peninon to R.STAT’s visitors, partners. Three innovations coming out from the project have been shown :
  • Novel corrosion resistant SilveR.STAT fibres
  • Novel heat conductive yarn
  • Prototype of a heating carpet
For each innovation, a leaflet has been created and included closed to the material shown. Visitors were impressed by the RADCARPET heating prototype shown and the temperature that could be reached with such textile media. For confidential reasons, none of the heating components were accessible or disclosed by R.STAT to any visitor. A needlefelt carpet manufacturer, Findeisen GmbH, in Germany, was also interested in using RADCARPET technology and is willing to be a future RADCARPET partner. All these information have been transferred by R.STAT to the consortium, especially to TISCA-Tiara who will bring RADCARPET to the market and could if willed or needed license Findeisen GmbH.

left: Exhibition of innovative materials at R-Stat booth; 2nd from left: RADCARPET Corrosion Resistance Coating Leaflet; 2nd from right: RADCARPET THERMALLY CONDUCTIVE YARN LEAFLET right: RADCARPET HEATING CARPET LEAFLET

RADCARPET project presented in KLIMAHOUSE 2014 | Inspiralia attends KLIMAHOUSE 2014 in Bolzano and presents RADCARPET

On Friday 24th, January 2014, at 14h, a twenty-minute presentation was given in Italian by Jesús Campos (INSPIRALIA) in the MiniForum held by Agenzia CASACLIMA in their stand (A04/30) in KLIMAHOUSE 2014.


This presentation was "H2020, opportunità europee per l'efficienza energetica". The H2020 is the new Research Program of the European Commission and energy efficiency is included as the core mechanism to achieve a Secure, clean and efficient energy (H2020 Work Program 9). Being RADCARPET a project aimed at developing a energy-efficient space heating system for non-residential buildings, the project was briefly mentioned by three slides at the end of the presentation in the MiniForum.

CASACLIMA expositor in KLIMAHOUSE 2014

KLIMAHOUSE is an annual fair organized by CASACLIMA as the leader International Trade Fair for Energy Efficiency and Sanitation in Construction. KLIMAHOUSE is:

  • The leading trade fair in Italy in the field of energy efficiency and sustainability in buildings
  • It hosts exhibitors highly specialized
  • It stems from the need to provide answers and solutions to build in a sustainable manner, while saving energy and respecting the environment
  • It takes place in South Tyrol, an area leader in this field and a bridge between the technologies of northern Europe to the south
  • It enjoys the support of key partners and the absolute level
  • The exhibition is complemented by guided tours of certified buildings in the area and by training conferences and congresses
  • The concept of "Climate House" is synonymous with modern construction that combines sustainability, drastically reducing energy costs and a perfect climate control environment.

RADCARET Dissemination Manager Uwe Staffler moderating KLIMAHOUSE congress

RADCARPET presented in Techtextil North America 2014 by R-STAT | The coordinator of RADCARPET Pascal PENINON presents the project in the USA

The eleventh edition of Techtextil North America, and second Texprocess Americas took place May 13-15, 2014 at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta, Georgia. The show was co-located with JEC Americas which resulted in a dynamic synergy creating the largest technical textiles, non-wovens, textile machinery, composites, sewn products and equipment trade show in the United States.
The three in one event hosted 363 Techtextil North America exhibitors, 164 exhibitors for Texprocess Americas and JEC Americas had 232 exhibiting brands equaling 759 exhibitors from 29 countries attracting 9,039 visitors. Country pavilions included Italy, Portugal, Belgium, China, Germany, Supply Chain USA and UBIFrance. The 2014 shows produced a 45.8% increase from 2012.
R.STAT was present by means of Pascal Peninon and had a booth at the Techtextil Atlanta North America show for the 3 days of the exhibition.
R.STAT's participation to RADCARPET FP7/SME project has been highlighted during the show thanks to an A4 poster.
Highlighting the participation of R-STAT to a European project showed to R.STAT customers and prospects that we have the ability to collaborate to complex technical and scientific projects.

Pictures of R.STAT's booth at Techtextil Atlanta, here Pascal PENINON, coordinator of RADCARPET

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» kontax: Towards an energy-efficient heating of non-residential buildings
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