Energy efficiency means using less energy while maintaining an equivalent service. The European Union set a target for 2020 of saving 20% of our primary energy consumption. Nearly 40% of this energy is consumed by buildings. Large efforts are being invested in future low energy buildings, but existing buildings represent 99% of the stock. The Energy Performance of Buildings Directive recast sets the minimum requirements for new and existing buildings: Member States must set targets for new constructions according to the definition of Nearly Zero Energy Building and “shall take the necessary measures to ensure that when buildings undergo major renovation, the energy performance of the building or the renovated part thereof is upgraded in order to meet minimum energy performance requirements set” by them.

Thus the current average energy consumption (150-300 kWh/m2) will need to be reduced by >75%. “Member States shall encourage, in relation to buildings undergoing major renovation, the consideration and taking into account of high-efficiency alternative systems, in so far as this is technically, functionally and economically feasible“. Few innovative technical systems in the market are directed and optimized for the efficient use of energy in existing buildings.

We have conceived RADCARPET as an energy efficient system for space heating of non-residential buildings